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Car 119

Built for the Carolina Power and Light Co, the 119 was built in Philadelphia by the Brill Manufacturing Company in 1927. It was purchased by the CP&L Co and ran for only 8 years when it was retired in 1934. It was then purchased by Fortunes Trolley Car Park in Skyland, NC, were it served as one of 16 trolleys used for lodging. After a time it was then purchased by the Kings and became a residence in the Biltmore Forest area for a while. Then in the 1990s it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Rouser. In 2008 we were fortunate to buy it and begin restoration work on it.

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20 New Doors for 119.jpg
21 Jim King and Buddy Hooper install new doors on 119.jpg
22 new doors.jpg
23 Jonah Iliana prep doors for painting.jpg
24 119 in winter snow.jpg
1 Trolley 120.jpg
2 119 ready for new home.jpg
3 Loading.jpg
4 Lowering on trailer.jpg
5 119 carefully placed on flat bed.jpg