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Car 9505

Built for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad, the 9505 was built in Sanford North Carolina by the Edwards Motor Car Co. In 1925 it was purchased by the CB&Q and ran for 12 years and was sold for scrap for 50 dollars to a man in Burlington NC, in 1937. We don’t know a lot about the years in between but at some point it ended up in Iowa and that is were we found it. We then purchased it from a privately owned Railroad company and brought it back to North Carolina where we are diligently working to restore it to running condition.

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39 moving 9505 to passing siding.jpg
40 9505 on siding with cml engine and caboose.jpg
41 ice.jpg
42 Ice on widows of 9505.jpg
43 winter work on 9505.jpg
1 The 9505 as purchased in Iowa.jpg
5 The 9505 arives at#255317.jpg