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Ready for ballast.jpg

the Depot

We have begun work building a depot at the Craggy Mountain Line.
Ben, Jim, and John putting up No Trespassing Signs.

Special Thanks

The Craggy Mountain Line extends a special thank-you to all those who have helped with the restoration of this historic rail line.
Santa waves goodbye till next year.

Jingle Bell Trolley 2012

In December 2012 the Craggy Mountain Line held our first Jingle Bell Run trolley train ride.
Kimsey volunteered to be a conductor during one of our photo shoots.jpg

Best of the Cars

Craggy Mountain Railway cars.
1950 Alco Engine #7, added in Oct 2012

Engine #7

1950 Alco Engine from the Alexander Railroad.
Tweetsie Trailer, ready for passengers!

Tweetsie Trailer

We have created a replica of a rare car from the Tweetsie Railroad.
loading onto truck2.jpg

NYC Subway Car R-6-3 #983

The American Car & Foundry Co built subway car no. 983 in 1935. The car is more than 60 feet long and weighs just under 84,000 pounds.
22 new doors.jpg

Car 119

Built for the Carolina Power and Light Co, the 119 was built in Philadelphia by the Brill Manufacturing Company in 1927. It was purchased by the CP&L Co and ran for only 8 years when it was retired in 1934.

Car 9505

Built for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad, the 9505 was built in Sanford North Carolina by the Edwards Motor Car Co.
53 Operation Lifesaver Caboose Completed.jpg

Southern Caboose 488

These photos show some of our restoration work on the 488 caboose for the Craggy Mountain Line.
19 Restored Caboose.jpg

Southern Caboose 582

These photos show some of our restoration work on the 582 caboose for the Craggy Mountain Line.
4 40 ton engine Blt 1953.jpg

Rolling Stock

The CML has several pieces of rolling stock we have been restoring. Here is some of our equipment, including freight cars.
Ken is cutting bolts to replace the rail-05.jpg

Track Work 2013

More track improvements at the CML with our great volunteers and some of the guys from the NCTM track department.
Gene and John putting in ties on the mountain Oct. 2012.

Track Work 2012

We are happy to announce that phase 3 of our track work has finally begun. Here are some of the photos. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped!
Brake time

Track Work 2010-11

Work on the Craggy Mountain Line tracks from August 2010 to February 2011.

New Switch 2011

Setting up the new switch. Not just your average track work!
32 Tying in to existing siding

Track Work 2008-10

The Craggy Mountain Line began work on upgrading our track in January 2008.