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Special Thanks

The Craggy Mountain Line would like to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication this year in helping bring our Railroad to life: Ed Clinger, Buddy Hooper, Josh Cocran, Tim Keegan, Fred Coleman, Don Koser, Ryan Cottan, Jim King, Ed Crouse, Gene Lail, Lavale Davis, Eric Myers, Kin Dillan, John Nagy, Dinnis Dixan, Ben Norton, Jimmy Fisher, Chris, Eric Furr, Kendall Hollifield, Kimsey Hollifield, Dwite Hawkins, Brody Douglas Hunt, Harold Frost.

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Ed Clinger with his new CML shirt
We would like to thank Bob Scott for his generous donation of the Pennsylvania caboose model.
Alexander chapter NRHS
Number 2 getting a new roof, Dec. 2012.
The guys from Alexander chapter did a great job on the new roof. We would like to thank them all for a job well done!
Fred, Gene, Ryan, and myself working on frame for the Tweetsy trailor.
Ben Norton getting ready to put up crossing sign on Riverside Drive.
Ben, Jim, and John with crossing sign project complete.
Ben, Jim, and John putting up No Trespassing Signs.
CML work crew ready to go.